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Lessons at the Bridge Center

There are regular short lessons before games on Monday evenings at 6pm.
There are lessons before some of the Friday 99'er games - Check the event calendar.
Check back here and watch the event calendar for other lesson announcements!


John Friedl will be offering the second series of lessons on bridge defense beginning on January 3, 2019. Classes will include a mixture of lecture, sample deals to be played in class to illustrate defensive tactics, and sample hands accompanied by practice exercises to illustrate analytical approaches to improving your defensive skills. The lessons should offer something for players at all but the most advanced levels. However, the Spring series will build upon the basic principles and skills covered in the fall series, and beginning players who have not taken the first group of lessons in the fall of 2018 may find that the continuation series is a bit too advanced – you are welcome to sit in on the first lesson and try it out before committing (or paying) for the full series.

Lessons will be held on Thursday evenings from 5:14-6:15 just prior to our Thursday evening games at the Bridge Center. There will be a fee of $50 for the complete series, with all proceeds going to the Chattanooga Bridge Club. Please sign up in advance by sending an email at

Below is a tentative schedule:
January 3 – discard systems
January 10 – no lesson
January 17 – no lesson
January 24 – second hand play
January 31 – third hand play
February 7 – no lesson
February 14 – doubles on defense
February 21 – reading opponents’ cards
February 28 – no lesson (Chattanooga regional)
March 7 – keeping parity with opponents’ suit(s)
March 14 – holdup plays, removing entries to dummy
March 21 and March 28 – no lesson (NABC in Memphis)
April 4 – blocking and unblocking plays
April 11 – defensive conventions over 1NT opening bid
April 18 and April 25 – no lesson
May 2 – strategy at matchpoints (pairs) and IMPs (teams)
If we don’t cover everything by May 2 we’ll continue through May until we all run out of steam.

From Fat Free to SAYC - Beginner Lessons, Part 2

Janie Hunt, Bruce Antman, and Tyler Smith will be continuing their lesson series aimed towards novice players this year on Saturdays at 10-12am. Expect each lesson to be about an hour long, followed by an hour of guided play. There is a fee of $5 per class which should be paid at the door when you come.
The goal of the lesson is to go from the ACBL "Fat Free" card to the ACBL Standard American Yellow Card". You can read more about these standard conventionc cards at the acbl site here:

Below is a tentative schedule:
January 12 - Takeout Doubles
January 19 - Hand Evaluation & Balancing
January 26 - Negative Doubles
February 2 - no lesson
February 9 - Help Suit Game Try, Gerber
February 16 - Michaels and Unusual 2NT
February 23 - Cue Bid Review (and time permitting, "DONT")
March 2 - no lesson (come play in our regional!)
March 9 - no lesson (come play in our regional!)
March 16 - More Doubles and Double Review
March 23 - Defensive Leads and Signals
March 30 - Jacoby 2NT

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