Has any of the following happened to you?

·         Your partner calls the day of the game and has to cancel due to an illness or an emergency.

·         It’s raining and my golf/tennis game has been cancelled and oh, how I wish I had a partner for today’s bridge game.

·         I’ve called several people to play and no one is available but I still want to play.

·         Oops, I double-booked!

·         My partner forgot and didn’t show up. 

·         A dear bridge friend is traveling through Chattanooga and wants to play with you but you already have a partner.

The Chattanooga Bridge Center is implementing an Ambassador program, modeled after the Bridge Club of Houston and the Fiesta Bridge Club in San Antonio, to guarantee partners to any and all who want one on the Tuesday and Wednesday games. Any visitors to our club will always have a partner available. The idea is that one person will sign-up to be a standby partner (Ambassador) for anyone who shows up without a partner.

Because we have 8 sessions a month plus the 5th week that will need to be covered, we will need eight (8) volunteer Ambassadors each month plus two (2) others for the 5th week. Volunteers will choose one day each month (e.g., the first Tuesday or 3rd Wednesday) to be on standby. If an Ambassador cannot be there for their regular session, they will be responsible for getting with their own standby either by swapping days or contacting someone from a list of “subs.” We will make available the list of Ambassadors so that you will have someone to contact if you need a replacement.

Be an Ambassador–Sign up at the Club or by E-mail

Guidelines for Ambassadors

·         The Ambassador should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the game time.

·         The player seeking a partner should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to game time.

·         A player whose partner fails to show up without prior notice will be able to play with the Ambassador or another player without a partner.

·         If two players come without partners, they will be paired to play together. If only one person or an odd number comes without a partner(s), they will play with the Ambassador.

·         If a player seeking a partner realizes they will arrive later than the recommended 15 minutes prior to the game, they should call the club (423-267- 4050) and advise the director.