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Playing Online Instructions
For the Chattanooga Bridge Center

We currently have games Mondays and Wednesday at 10am, Thursdays at 7pm, and a 299er game on Fridays at 10am

Getting Started:

  1. You need an account with Bridge Base. Instructions Here
  2. You MUST belong to ACBL. (Note-it takes 3 days for them to process your application, so if you don’t belong join now).
  3. You MUST have played at the Chattanooga Bridge Club in the last year. (If you have only played at NOOGA or Fairyland or Cleveland or Ooltewah – I can add you. I will need your username. You will also be welcome to play virtually and live hopefully at the Bridge Center when we reopen).
  4. You need a partner.
  5. NO kibitzers.
  6. You will play 18 boards. That will take two hours give or take.
  7. You will earn masterpoints if you place.
  8. NO undos.
  9. NO free plays.
  10. You can chat to the Table between hands.
  11. 7 minutes per board to start but they highly recommend going down to 6 minutes per hand at most. ** Remember, you are not moving, arranging, etc **. You will get a Director warning and BBO will pull the board if you are late.
  12. You need to buy BBO Bucks under the shopping cart well before game time.
  13. You can register for the game two hours early. You and your partner both need to be on BBO at the same time to register. Then you can log off and come back a few minutes before game time.
  14. SELF-ALERTing is the practice with BBO. For example: if you bid 1NT and your partner wants to bid 3C (puppet staymen), the 3C bidder hits the “ALERT” box and types in the explanation BEFORE they press the 3C button. Again, this is the BBO standard so please practice.
  15. PLEASE practice on BBO between now and then. Remember to self-alert!
New to online bridge? This video can help you better understand online play!

Connecting to the Games

  1. Login to Bridge Base At least 15 minutes early!
  2. On the left side, under "FEATURED AREAS", click "Virtual Clubs"
  3. Choose our region, ACBL - North America
  4. Find our game in the list. It is sorted by start time (minutes from now) and will say "Chatt BC" as part of the name
  5. When your partner is online, click on our game, and it will ask for your partner's username.
  6. Your partner must be online, and you must have sufficient BBO Bucks to register.
  7. If your partner registers first, it will pop up on your screen for you to accept.
  8. When the game starts, it should pull you into the game without having to do anything else

Partnership Assistance / Ambassadors

  1. Log onto BBO and find our virtual game
  2. Look on the partnership desk column and if there is a (1) by it, click the “invite” button by the name and it will pair you with that person.
  3. Be sure you indicate that you will pay for yourself.
  4. If the partnership desk column shows a (0), you can place your BBO name in that column.
  5. The Ambassador signs on 1 1/2 hr prior to day games and an hour prior to the Thursday evening game.
  6. You can contact each other to discuss or share your convention card. Since this is not a “teaching moment,” I would encourage you not to try new conventions.
  7. Myra frequently sends at a notice 15 min prior to the game if we need more players or someone to play with the Ambassador. This is a great opportunity for newer players to join in on our games.
  8. Please call Ann Keown at 423-505-5178 if you have any questions.

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